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Sunday, September 25, 2011

TCC Event {{Day 3 Classes & Closing}}

This morning during our breakfast sponsored by McDonalds, there was a panel of women (Karen Walrond, Melody Ross, Leigh Standley, Janine Vangool & Susan Branch) sharing their stories with us.
And one of the questions was about having comments on your blog & how the influence your business. It was interesting because some of the women like to have the comments to feed their work & inspiration. Where as Kelly Rae Roberts turned hers off because she felt that they were influencing her rather than inspiring her. She would listen to the comments but not her heart.
What would you do?
For those of you out there blogging, would you not want to hear what your readers think of your writing, your projects, your pictures?
I know that I do. It makes me feel good when y'all leave comments about my posts. Not just for the validation that my/our work is good, but also knowing that you are out there, reading what we post. If you don't leave a comment, I don't really know you out there.

I also LOVED this quote from the adorable Leigh Standley, The Curly Girl in Curly Girl Designs...
"You don't have to have a business to be a working artist."
That is so true of so many of us artists out there. Sure, we would all LIKE to have that artistic business, but as long as we are all able to "do" our art, we're ok {for the moment!}!!

After breakfast, it was time for some more classes...I had signed up for 2 different classes, but my painting class was cancelled for personal reasons by the artist. So, I ended up taking two with the FABULOUS ladies of A Guilded Life - Debbie Murray & her daughter, Shea Fragoso.
{photo from their blog}
 First was "Romancing the Wristlet"
My wristlet! Isn't it gorgeous?!!
  After a brief lunch {& more shopping!}, I attended their "Count Your Blessings" necklace class. This class was a little more intense, but still soooo much fun! And, I got to take it with Amy & another new friend, Debbie Saviano. (She is a super lady! You must check her out!!)
That's Debbie on my right & Amy on my left

Gorgeous Shea telling a funny story!
The finished project!
We soldered, glued & used our jewelry tools (thanks to Amy for letting me borrow hers!!)
Debbie made 5,000 of these little beaded flowers for the event!

I really enjoyed both of these classes tremendously that I signed up for their Gilded Stash club! Now, every month I will get some gorgeous vintage finds & access to ideas from them!! Wahooo!

After classes were done, it was time to say good-bye to everyone at the Cupcake Farewell party...

Nancy & Jo (co-founders of TCC) & Brandy (the Crowne Plaza's Event Coord.) gave us a heartfelt thanks & farewell! See you next year ladies! {I hope}
 After that, one of my favorite parts of the trip...
Dinner with some of my new friends!!
me, Christie, Brigid, Hillary, Tricia & Amy
We had a great dinner in Downtown St. Paul {thanks to Tricia knowing the city!} at The Bario.
A funky little Tapas Bar! The food was FANTASTIC & Sindy, our server was GREAT!

We had a wonderful time talking about life & the weekend together. I hope that we will all stay in touch & continue to support each other in our creative endeavours!!

I'm sure that you have all had just about enough of my TCC posts & would like me to get back to posting about what creative stuff the Teeny Girls are up to. But, I have one more TCC post to go up on the 26th. It's not about any specific thing at the event. Rather, it's a kind-of "aha" moment that I had on the plane ride home. So instead of making this post even longer, you'll have to come back tomorrow for a more personal/introspective post!
PS. I have also posted photos that I took of Downtown St. Paul & some fun ones at The Mall of America over on my personal blog,
My Laughing Magpie
This very well could be my last personal post on that blog while I figure out how to incorporate the two.
Thanks for stopping by!

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