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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bittersweet Endings & New Beginnings

Well, this week will be a bittersweet week for the three of us. I have been putting off writing here since I returned from vacation because I knew what I had to write about...

After only 3 months at The Barn in Castle Rock, we've decided to close our little shop there. Although the venue is amazing & some of the people have been really supportive, We feel that maybe it's not the right venue for us.

We were finding that even though we were had some interest from shoppers for classes & supplies, we were spending more time & money on putting things in the shop that had nothing to do with scrapbooking just as a cash flow generator. We scrambled around for three months trying to figure out what the customer wanted & in doing so, we lost sight of what we really wanted the shop to be: a place for scrappers & paper artists to come for hard to find supplies, ideas, classes & more. Plus, we really wanted to start a community of other crafters in the area, which is badly needed with all the little stores closing these days. We just weren't getting that at The Barn. True, if we could have stayed a little longer things might have turned around, but the rent was too hard to maintain & continue our vision.

So, as the week turns into the new year, we will be pulling our wares out of the space. We'll spend a week or two to re-group & load up the shop on Etsy (which is totally empty now!). We'll organize some more classes with the contacts we've made & hopefully schedule a weekend crop very soon!

Please don't give up on us! We're still here, but it will just have to be in the virtual world for a little while! Keep checking back for new event postings & PLEASE post comments or FOLLOW us so we know how to get in touch with you too! And, most of all, we need all of you to spread the word about us when we get things rolling again!

Thanks to those that have been supportive & we hope to see everyone in the very near future!