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Monday, September 28, 2009

Coming Soon!!!

As usual, another super busy time between posts here!

Besides creating more fabulous mini-books to sell, we've been cleaning, planning, painting & shopping! (All that on top of personal stuff for me- I am going on a cruise we planned months ago that I still have to pack for, get my daughter packed & ready to head to my sisters, get the dog shipped off to the boarders & now, my mother-in-law is in ill health! I am amazed I have any hair left on my head!!) We are hoping to have our first kit put together before our open house & are anxiously awaiting our wholesale orders!!!

On the subject of firsts...We move in on OCTOBER 1st!!! We will be busy cleaning & setting up the space with furniture & lighting & such (with the help of a few wonderful friends!)! Feel free to stop by & cheer us on! We'll be at the Barn at all hours of the days following the 1st!

The official "Space Warming" party will be on Halloween & we hope you'll come by for a little fun...

It's a

Please join us on

FROM 10 A.M. T0 2 P.M.

Upstairs at The Barn for a little fun!
400 Third Street, Castle Rock

We wanted to introduce ourselves properly,
show you what
we're all about &
share a little make-n-take goodie!

***There will be a drawing for a very special surprise
for all who stop by!***

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