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Friday, September 23, 2011

Blah, Blah, BLOG!!! {{Day 2 of TCC Event}}

I started this entry while on the road, but didn't publish it because I had wanted to add photos at the time. I had borrowed a camera cord from Traci Kantowski during our photography class, but I was a little too wiped out to write that 2nd night! So, part of this post was written that next morning & the rest today...
here's me trying to type the night before. You can't tell, but I was a little delirious!
Sorry, just couldn't bring my self to sit down & give you a TCC update last night! I was pooped out & I had to pack to change hotels for Saturday night! You would not believe the loads of goodies I am bringing home & I only paid for a few of those things! The rest are generous donations from the sponsors!! {{Photos of the Market Place to follow}}

Still having a wonderful time! One thing that all of us attendees are saying is that everyone is SO friendly & so generous with their information! I have never been to a conference like this one where the women weren't constantly eyeing you up or judging you or even being caddy!  Everyday here, I get positive feedback from total strangers about my craft & the direction we are going! It's just wonderful!

I took 2 great classes yesterday. One about photographing your items for sale with Gale Zucker & the other was creating an art journal with Traci Bautista.

Gale is a truly inspiring photographer & a downright nice lady! I really enjoyed getting to know her & learning a thing or two that I had forgotten since my photography days in college!!

Traci has written a wonderful book titled Collage Unleashed & we had super messy, fantastic time in her Dream Big Business Art Journal...

We used papers envelopes, folders & more to create the pages (some of us even used the butcher paper we created on top of!) & lots of paints & stencils for interest. Here's my journal...still more to add & doodle about, but at least it's started!

my hands after class! Tell tale sign of a good time!
I can't wait to finish catching up on life so that I can start journaling in it!!
Tomorrow's post: Market Place pics!!


Amy said...

I love the's really pretty!!!

sara said...

Ah! Journaling is my passion! I love that journal that you made. It's amazing! Did you enjoy Traci teaching the class? I've taken an online class from her, but never been lucky enough for a real life class. :) I have a hard time letting my pages get that messy - I need to learn to let go more! I really struggle with layering... I can't see the value in painting or stamping or gluing something down and then just covering it up with other stuff! I guess I will learn with time :) (Sorry to babble! Just wanted to say really that I adore your journal!)