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Monday, September 28, 2009

Coming Soon!!!

As usual, another super busy time between posts here!

Besides creating more fabulous mini-books to sell, we've been cleaning, planning, painting & shopping! (All that on top of personal stuff for me- I am going on a cruise we planned months ago that I still have to pack for, get my daughter packed & ready to head to my sisters, get the dog shipped off to the boarders & now, my mother-in-law is in ill health! I am amazed I have any hair left on my head!!) We are hoping to have our first kit put together before our open house & are anxiously awaiting our wholesale orders!!!

On the subject of firsts...We move in on OCTOBER 1st!!! We will be busy cleaning & setting up the space with furniture & lighting & such (with the help of a few wonderful friends!)! Feel free to stop by & cheer us on! We'll be at the Barn at all hours of the days following the 1st!

The official "Space Warming" party will be on Halloween & we hope you'll come by for a little fun...

It's a

Please join us on

FROM 10 A.M. T0 2 P.M.

Upstairs at The Barn for a little fun!
400 Third Street, Castle Rock

We wanted to introduce ourselves properly,
show you what
we're all about &
share a little make-n-take goodie!

***There will be a drawing for a very special surprise
for all who stop by!***

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's ALL Good!

Well, I said we've been busy & boy have we ever!!!

We are super excited to announce that The Scrap-a-Teeny Girls have their very own shop! Well, sort-of! We have opted for a FABULOUS space in The Barn in Castle Rock!

So we've been frantically working on some new merchandise to fill in our space by October 1st! Ugh! It's been craft, craft, craft! Our poor family & friends have all been neglected these past few weeks! And I know I won't be qualifying for the Domestic Goddess awards anytime soon since I have become well aquainted with the dust-bunnies around here & am a little reluctant to see them go! My poor stove thinks I have forsaken it for the micro these days. Oh well! Things shall return to normal one of these days!

One of the things we are most excited about at The Barn, is that we will be offering classes! We have enough space to offer intimate classes or make-n-takes in our shop. But the best part is that the proprietor wants to promote us & offer classes on the main level too! Simply fantastic!

We've already got an idea or two for the first couple of events - one of them being our "Space Warming" party on Halloween from 10-2! We're going to have a make-n-take as well as a drawing for a fabulous stamp from Unity Stamps! We can't wait!

So, I am off to bed...I know that my partners (a.k.a. mom & Kim are already asleep), but I just had to finish this adorable paperbag album before I went to bed! I will probably be dreaming of skeletons now! Nighty-night!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making Connections

Yesterday, we three went to Sassafrass in Castle Rock to see if the store might be a good venue to sell our books in. What a FABULOUS store! So many treasures to discover!

While browsing around, we met a lady who rents space there to sell her wares. Her name is Marcia & she was a plethora of knowledge & advice! She gave us a few hints on selling in a co-op, as well as some other venues to check out. She was even so generous as to extend an offer to take some of our work to some of the local craft shows she has already signed on for! So, we are busy trying to create a few little extras along the themes she mentioned for her to place in her booth. We look forward to working with her soon!

As we were paying for our treasures, we were lucky enough to meet the owner, Amy & set up an appointment to bring our books in for her to look at & see if she thinks her clientele would be interested in our little books! Wish us luck!

Afterward, we hit The Barn! If you have never been to The Barn in Castle Rock, then you are truely missing out!!! It's like going to a quaint little street market in a giant red barn! There are antiques, new & vintage jewelry, artwork, local food stuff & many clever handmade items for sale all under one roof! We spent 2 hours wandering around & probably could have spent more if we'd had the time! We also spoke with a vendor there, Beth Moore of Chic Junque who also was very knowledgeable about these venues & told us how The Barn operates. We hope that when a little space opens up, we might have enough capital to take advantage of this fabulous spot as well!

So, maybe we are finally on our way! We spent the better part of the day working on our business card image...hope you like it! I am hoping to re-do it again when the weather changes & we find some cute knit hats & scarves & a fun place to do them again & have our wonderful friend Rachel take the photo so I don't have to do the timer thing!!!

See you soon!