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Monday, September 26, 2011

TCC Event {{Final Thoughts}}

 After a long, but fun day of wandering around The Mall of America & standing in what I was told was a longer than usual security line at the airport, I was soooo ready to come home from my whirlwind weekend at The Creative Connection. I settled into my seat in the very back row of the plane & pulled out the latest issue of Somerset Studios (purchased where else, The Market Place at TCC!) & ordered a glass of red wine when the time came. So, I am not sure if the following introspective rant is from the wine or sheer exhaustion,
 I think I had a little bit if an AHA moment {or a mini-breakdown} on the flight home from TCC! But while I was reading Studios & sipping my wine, I had this sudden burst of emotions & almost started crying right there! Thank God I came to my senses & grabbed my notebook instead! This is what transpired from head to fingers...

I asked myself, “What am I taking away from this weekend?” And this is the ranting answer to myself…

I want to connect with these artistic women more. I want to surround myself with their ENERGY & passion. I want to learn from them, whether it be their business practices or their artistic technique.

I want to create ALL the time! I want Maggie to craft with me. I want her to know what I knew as a child: memories of being in my mother’s studio/back porch listening to Rod Stewart or Donna Summer while she painted beautiful watercolors for her art guild, a show, HERSELF!

 I want to go back to school & learn to draw, paint & collage! I want to learn techniques & grow my art into a true mixed media artist. I want to teach Maggie all that I know about art, but I don’t know enough, YET! I want her to FEEL the way I feel when I complete that card, page, canvas or album!

 I know that I will always have a love for paper & photos, but I want to learn how to mesh the worlds together.

 "What will I take away from this weekend?" That was the question right? I will take away that I CAN do this. I can go back to school & learn the things I crave & grow myself & if I can make money doing all the things that I love, that would just be the icing on the cake! That’s the SELFISH thing that I will take from this weekend.

The other half of what I will take away is new friends like CHRISTIE, AMY, HILLARY, TRICIA & COLLEEN {& countless others I have met & WILL connect with!}. Who all had different ideas of where they want to go with their creative selves, but were so encouraging in listening to my thoughts, hopes & dreams for my own business with my mom & sister. We will (hopefully) enjoy a lifelong journey together as we each discover ourselves, our passions, our dreams…
Thanks for listening to me drone on about this AMAZING event! I hope you enjoyed some of my story & a few of my pictures. I promise, that is the last of it!
But, stay tuned because I think that The Scrap-a-Teeny Girls might be in for a few changes in the very near future!

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