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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's going to be a "Banner" Spring! (Copy)

Hello there! (This is a copy of the post that's over on the Die Cut Diva Blog...)
Becky here, blogging for my sister Kim (as usual! LOL!)!
She just finished this BEAUTIFUL banner using the Banner Die from Creative Cuts & More in a GORGEOUS Aqua Lagoon Stardream Fuse Metallic paper!

She said that she was inspired by a similar banner in this book: "Delight in the Details" by Lisa Pace. Here's a bunch of close-ups for you to admire...
Don't just love all the little touches! 
Here's a couple more close-ups of one of the banner pieces:

Isn't she just so darn clever!!
It looks absolutely beautiful on her mantle!
And sooooo very easy to work with when the banner pieces are pre-cut for you from CC&M!! There are tons of great colors to choose from & other dies that you can pick-out to embellish your banner too! Hop onto the shop & browse around!!

That's it for today!
See you soon!

designer: Kim Langhorst

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For the Birds - a Shabby Chic Mini-Album

Hi all!
Becky here today,  bloggin' Kim's Creative Cuts & More March Hop project! If you've joined us from Kristine Reynolds' blog, then you're on the right track! If not, you'll want to start over at the Die Cut Diva blog & hop back to us so you don't miss out on any of the inspiration we have for you today!!

Let's get started...For those of you who don't know, the MINI-ALBUM is our FORTE'!! (The Scrap-a-Teeny Girls, I mean!) We love to work with all things "TEENY", so this month's ALBUM theme was right up our alley!! And since Kim & I are working as a team these days for CC&M, we decided to split the Mix and Match album in half to show the different things you can do with these albums!
Sure, you could EASILY use all the pages for ONE theme, but why not split it up & make 2 or 3 little books?! OR, you could even include one or two of these pages in another album to add a little fun & interest! OR, I think it would make a really fun & creative banner too! Just think "outside the album" & the possibilities are endless!

For Kim's half of the Mix & Match's 6 pages (if you order the SET, you get 24 pages - paper cut to fit & cover the 12 chipboard pages! It's really awesome!) & began work on a fabulous shabby chic bird album. (She's become known in some circles as the "crazy bird lady" because she's begun collecting everything bird - including scrap supplies!) I knew from the beginning, this album would be gorgeous because my sister is one talented lady, but began to think of it as "doomed"!!! Keep reading to see why...
close ups of the cover

The cover of her Bird album turned out beautifully, don't'cha think? Then on page 2, her design ended upside down when you flip the album page up because she wasn't really thinking of how she was flipping the book as she worked (each page should be right side up when you flip through it!)! LOL! We've all "been there, done that!!"
Page 2 & close ups
It's still another awesome page!
Page 3 & close ups
This page is my favorite!!
I love the little picket fence with the little lady birds!
Then, she had just finished this next page...
Page 4 & close ups
When her son accidentally spilled water all over the completed pages & the one she was working on next! ACK! We scrambled to grab all the pages, & luckily, they were just a little warped & salvageable! So, we wrapped them in paper towels & I took them home to photograph...
Tula when she's not being naughty
Then, something even worse happened! My dog, Tula 
decided that this album MUST be something to eat! She dragged it out of my studio while I was out (before I had photographed it) & proceeded to chew it up! So, this is the last page (only 4 to show you because of all the chaos!) with a little corner missing...

Luckily, you all can't see the water-warpedness, or the teeth marks & thanks to how I photographed it, you wouldn't even have known that my sister attached the 2nd page upside down! God bless her! She's one creative lady & a wonderful sister, but this was not her lucky project! Hope you enjoyed it & found some inspiration for your own mini-albums from Creative Cuts & More!!
Now it's time to hop over to my blog to see what I did with the other half of the Mix & Match album from Creative Cuts & More!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

File Folder Mini-Album - Tags

If you are joining us from the Die Cut Diva blog, then you have already seen the majority of this project & will find more images of the simple tags I added to the file folder pockets below. 

But if you are just visiting us today & you want to see more of this fun little album, please click here first to be re-directed to the Die Cut Diva blog post.

Here are the Tag Sets...Really quite simple with room for fun photos & journaling on the back (blank):
Set 1
We are always calling Maggie "Smarty Pants!"
I figured I would find a photo of both Nick & I to put on this one.
Set 2
I have any number of silly pix to go here!
Set 3
I can't wait to go through the THOUSANDS of pix I have of our daughter & add them to these tags!!

Thanks for lookin' & hope to see you soon!