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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moving Day 1

After a crazy windy, restless night, I awoke to a busy morning of getting Maggie off to school & headed down to mom & dads to load our cars with furniture for the official move in "party!"

Kim & I got there first & cleaned the space a little bit & then the fun started...

Kim & I lugged most of the furniture up the stairs, as it was just too hard for the folks to do. Then we decided that we needed a little rug in the space & some of the stuff at home that wouldn't fit in the cars. So mom & Kim headed out while dad & I stayed behind to dust furniture & put a few things together.

We had a good time stretching out the rope lighting & dad was such a great supervisor in the beginning & then a super douper big help later in the day with all the little bits & pieces!

While I worked on hanging the rope lighting, everyone else worked on figuring out how the heck to set up the track lights! A little while later, we called in a "consult" from Kim's hubby Eric! He & dad ran back to Lowes to get some other piece we were missing & only time will tell if we have the right stuff to hang the lights tomorrow!

While they were gone, I had a good time pretending to be some construction chick & "hoisted" our sign into the space!

All in all, it was a very good & productive day! We were (are) very pooped out, but very proud of ourselves for accomplishing so much in one day! Tomorrow will be so much more fun since there is only a few pieces of furniture to move & the rest of the day can be spent placing our product around the space! TTFN!


Noelle Reese said...

I can't wait to come see it YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!

Daisy said...

I'm telling all my Castle Rock/Denver friends. I can't wait to see it in person...someday. I'm proud of you guys! MWAH!

Rachel Carlson said...

SO proud of all of you! everything looks great, can't wait to see in person. cheers to all of you! love and hugs, rachel

mylaughingmagpie said...

Thanks to all! We're getting there! It's been quite a roller coaster these days! Hang on tight! It's gonna be a good ride!