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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good Times!

Yesterday was the big Starlighting Festival in downtown Castle Rock & we were at the Barn all day for the festivities! The Barn was a hub of activity all day long! Lots of new visitors coming through to see all the treasures! There were so many people coming through that you had to wait in line to get up or down the stairs! It was a lot of fun, if not a little overwhelming!

We had a great time teaching our 2nd "Made From Scratch" recipe book, even though we had to turn away two students because they apparently signed up over the phone, but the message was never passed along to us! We were livid w/whomever checks the messages at the Barn & they were disappointed! We'll definitely be finding a remedy for class sign-ups in the very near future! Hopefully they will get in touch soon to re-schedule!

Although it wasn't a high volume sale day for us, we met lots of interesting people & a few scrapbookers interested in various classes! We all of you we met will come to class in December or get in touch with us for some brainstorming on other events! One customer expressed interest in learning how to collage onto an old window like I did here. So, we might see if we can form that into a class & work out a special discount on old windows at The Barn too!

But I think my favorite moment during the whole day was when I met a girl named Hannah, who had received a little fall book I had made as a gift from (I think) her sister. It's always cool to meet the recipients of something you worked so hard on! They were both so sweet & Hannah was super excited about coming to take the December class! We hope to see both of them there! (She has great taste too - she loves my collaged window!!) ;-)

We also had lots of people ask if we do special orders & the answer is YES! Kim has already done 3! She created a series of birthday books as well as some recipe books for a mom to give to her 3 daughters! We can also take all you boxes of picts, organize them & put them into a scrapbook for you! Or we are willing to sit down with anyone to help them organize photos & get started on their own scrapbooks! All you have to do is ask!!

Please pass on to all of your friends that we are here & we want to start a community of scrappers, collage artists or whatever-strikes-your-artistic-fancy types! If you are interested in a class or have some ideas for one, or maybe you'd like us to host a crop, please contact us, sign-up to follow us here, on Twitter or even Facebook! We want to hear from you!!!! We need all of you to help keep this crazy ride going!!

Hope to see you soon!

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Rachel Carlson said...

oh goody, this is a glowing report, sounds great ladies, so proud of you!