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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Goodies!

We've put some new goodies up on the Etsy Shop today!
Mom's adorable PROM album is up...

My Whimsical Teen album is up...

And, I have been crazy-busy getting photos up of all of our acrylic stamps & I'm almost done! Plus, we have a ton of Unity stamps that were from some kits that haven't sold! That means that we will have stamps that you can't find elsewhere individually - only in a giant set! Pretty cool!

While Kim & I are still working on the projects for Creative Cuts & More, we are hoping to brainstorm about some future class ideas & have them posted soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


I don't know if I would call it bad luck per se, but I think I tooted our horn too early! The customer we had that was interested in buying our Vintage Hawaiian album seems to have fallen off the face of the earth! I have sent several messages (& we were even willing to split overnight shipping with her) to find out what's going on, but I think she's too embarrassed to tell us she's changed her mind. I just wish she'd tell us one way or the other! The waiting is killing me!!

Thanks to all of you who sent out well wishes!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We've been spotted!

It's already been an interesting week for us & it's only half over!

Things might be looking up for us on Etsy!!
After a couple of small sales there, we have had our first pre-made scrapbook sale online (through Etsy)!!  
That's right! Someone fell in love with our Vintage Style Hawaiian scrapbook & had to have it for her friend getting married in Maui! So, that beloved book will be on its way with her to Maui in a few short days! Jealous? I am! I'd sure like to be on my way to Maui!! I wonder if we should have offered "personal delivery service" on this one! LOL!!

In addition to some nice movement in the shop, we've also been commissioned to do some mini-album work for a local company, Creative Cuts & More. It's a small company offering hundreds of die-cut shapes & albums to order! They are re-launching their website soon (the above link is the old site, but still functional) & asked us to participate in all the fun! Even though we are creating these albums for our personal use, it might spark some interest in us (and you) to pick up an album or two for future projects! So, be on the look-out here & on their blog The Die-Cut-Diva for our completed samples!

And just when we thought things couldn't get any better, we've been spotted by a fellow crafter on Etsy! The shop-owner of ScrapMetal was kind enough to mention us on her blog after stumbling upon our shop today! So, now we are returning the favor!

She makes some really interesting & pretty, what I would call "assemblage" jewellery, as well as dabbles in the digital scrapbooking world!
Check out her shop on Etsy when you get a chance!

That's about it for now.
Mom has made this really adorable PROM book that I am hoping to get photographed tomorrow & up on Etsy! Plus we have some fun acrylic stamps that I intend to put up as well!
Keep watching!
You'll never know what we're up to unless you visit often!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Free Pariseinnes Prints

 (Image courtesy of The Vintage Moth)

I was pursusing my email this morning & came across this post from The Vintage Moth...Les Modes Parisiennes, Illman & Sons Giveaway.

This site is great - she posts a new image every day for you to download to your computer for FREE!!

This weekend she is giving away 4 ORIGINAL, hand-painted lithographs from the 1800's to one lucky winner!!

Log-on & check it out!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well, things are definitely moving slowly for us & we are contemplating our next move. Just when I voice to my sister that I am ready to hang it up & call it quits on the whole internet-sales thing, we have two sales in 24 hours! A sign?! I dunno!!
Two  wonderful Etsy shoppers bought the following from us:

The "Moxxie in the Kitchen" Recipe book kit &

the "Get Glam Paper-crafting/Ephemera Kit" with lots of vintage finds!

We do so appreciate their business & support.

We are finding that the completed albums are not moving at all 
 (even other sellers don't seem to be moving any of theirs either!). 

With these sales, we've now sold a few kits online & at crops & a few supplies here & there, but no where near what we thought the response would be to our unique items!

So, I put this out there to our few followers, friends & fans...
what would you like to  see from us? 

Do you want more kits with a few ideas on how to use the kits' ensemble?

Do you strictly want a cheaper venue for supplies?

If, you are local, do you want to learn some new techniques, but not necessarily make a mini-album?
We've toyed with the idea of a Tim Holtz techniques class or maybe Gimmer Mist, but we need some idea of who would be interested.

Maybe you'd like to learn how to make an Artist Trading Card (ATC) that you can trade with others or even use in your cards or on your scrapbook pages...but we need your input!

Maybe you would just like a monthly crop to be on the books, so that you have some where to go to finish your projects uninterrupted & not be tempted by the retail aspect of Archivers on a Sunday afternoon?

PLEASE contact us here w/a comment (should be easier to leave one now!) or via email scrapateenygirls@estreet.comor Twitter or Facebook - just simply let us know you are out there, listening, watching & like what we're doing!!

We are at a crossroads & need your input!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not much new to report...

Just thought I'd throw a little post up to let everyone know we are still here! We just haven't been super busy with new projects of late.
We've had a few tiny sales on the Etsy site & a few more bigger ones through friends, but it is definitely slow going. I think we might be re-vamping a little after tax season is over, so stay tuned...