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Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting Closer!

It's almost here!
The big Open House is on Saturday & we've been busy!

Both the November & December class samples are in the shop now!
We've already filled the first 3 spaces of the Nov. 7th class!
Hopefully more of you will be enticed by the samples on Saturday!

(Nov. "Made From Scratch" class project)

Our first kit, Domestic Goddess, is packaged & ready to go!

We've got some fabulous stamps all wrapped up & the Make'n Take is "taking" shape for Saturday!

We've ordered some great Webster Pages paper & hope that it arrives by Friday so we can get that in the shop for Saturday too!

Mom's working on some fun kid stuff & a game table! I'm doing some various holiday pieces & Kim is doing a special order of birthday books & designing our next kit!
Things are just rolling right along!

We ARE scrambling a little bit this week, as we are expecting a big snowstorm to hit on Wednesday. Since I live in Denver, & Kim & Mom are further south, we are trying to limit our driving on those snowy days! But, it may turn out that I end up spending the night in Castle Rock if I'm down there working at Kim's for the day on Weds!
Which really wouldn't be that terrible! :)

Well, off to bed before I come up with some crazy project to start on now!
I need some sleep so my brain can function better & I can accomplish a lot tomorrow!


Noelle Reese said...

I love all of it! I can't wait! :-) I wish I could find a sitter for Carlee. I may bribe M LOL She wants to come though......

Rachel Carlson said...

how exciting, looks like things are coming right along - so proud of all of you. hopefully the storm will not keep me away on saturday - UGH. warm hugs!