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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's all about the dress-form!

We just can't seem to stop playing with these things!
The paper mache dress form is so FABULOUS!!!
If you didn't see my post a couple of weeks ago when mom, Kim & I (oh, and the Magpie!) got together to create Halloween-themed dress forms, you can see my spin on it HERE.

Mom finished hers up last week & I just got around to taking pix of hers & the Magpie's.
Still waiting for Kim to release hers to me!! Such a perfectionist, that one!
Without further ado...

 Mom's lovely Halloween Girl:
And here's the Magpies version...
We glued them onto various candlesticks before we realized that if we had purchased them at JoAnn's instead of Michaels, they are already attached to a paper mache stand! 
JoAnn's dress form
UGH! Live & learn, right?!
Come back soon...we have even MORE dress forms to share...
this time we got a little "Steampunkie!"

Happy Wednesday!

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