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Monday, September 17, 2012

Alter Your Creativity - An Altered Pages Challenge

Welcome to the Altered Pages,
"Alter Your Creativity Challenge!"

images sent by Jean for inspiration
So, for those of you who don't know & just stumbled onto our blog today, I participated in a Headdress Challenge with the other design team members of Altered Pages. Jean challenged us to create a beautiful decoration to adorn our heads (or that of a mannequin, as many the case may be!) Those from the team that decided this wasn't an impossible mission are up for some sort of goodie from Jean via your votes for the best headdress! You don't want to miss any of the fun, so be sure to start at the beginning, HERE! I hope you like what I've come up with!

First, here are a couple of Headdress definitions I found online...

From the American Heritage Dictionary:
head·dress  (hddrs)
1. A covering or ornament for the head.
2. A hairdo; a coiffure.
From the Collins English Dictionary:
headdress [ˈhɛdˌdrɛs]
(Clothing & Fashion) any head covering, esp an ornate one or one denoting a rank or occupation

In addition to using the above images for inspiration, I found this one on a wedding website:
I liked the idea of the middle image from Jean, combined with something more like the headband that ties above. So, this is what I came up with...

I used a piece of vintage brown velvet for the base with some metallic pink mesh wired ribbon on top of that. Those two pieces meet together in the back & secure with a hair tie! Then I got busy with the embellishments...
I used some vintage chain necklaces across the top - they lay over the crown of the head & would drop up & over an up-do on my head. I wired together some vintage fabric flowers & glittered leaves, then attached a feather clip to that. This is all attached to another vintage chain piece that is full of roman coins that was my grandmothers. On top of the headband are of few of Jean's FABULOUS transit tokens to tie in the coin parts to the top of the headdress!
That's it! I am thinking of wearing it for Halloween this year if I can pull a matching gypsy costume together! If I do, I promise to post pix!!
I hope you enjoyed looking at my creation & will cast a vote for me! :)


Jean M said...

I love all the mixed ephemera that creates the total look. Current for today or yesteryear!

Kelli said...

I would totally wear this everyday! LOVE it!

Roni JJ said...

Very pretty Becky ~ I love the soft romantic colors. Simply lovely!

trisha too said...

Beautiful headdress, Becky, so very pretty!