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Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's all the Ra...ven

Ever have one of those days where you are super excited to sit down & CrEaTe something that has been rattling around in your head for days? Well, today was supposed to be one of those days. Instead, it was one of THOSE days!

Maggie was out all day at a swim park with friends...I ran a couple "quick" errands, as if going to Michaels is ever quick! And then had plans to sit at my desk ALL day & create a FABULOUS Halloween bottle so that I could make MORE fabulous Halloween bottles for a tutorial...well, my mind just couldn't tell my hands how to accomplish what it wanted!

So, below is what I worked on for several hours today & I am STILL not done, nor am I thrilled with the results so far...
The bottle on the left was my first attempt for the Ravens Blood bottle, but the colors were off, so I made the one on the right. It's better, but not finished.
(Raven collage sheet; I made my own labels using the Macabre Page collage sheet)
I wanted to whip through this bottle, so that I could get to what I REALLY wanted to play with today:
I have been watching videos for DAYS & am just itchin' to start playing with this Gelli Plate I got from Altered Pages!! Alas, it wasn't in the cards today!

But YESTERDAY was a totally different day!
I got together with mom & Kim to make some spooky mannequin girls inspired by Ranger's CHA 2012 Winter Designer Challenge that was featured in Somerset Studios this month. I had an idea in my head & I have to say, it came together quite nicely!!
This is my 
We started with a paper mache dressform from Michaels. I covered mine in black tissue paper & decoupage'd over her.  I added the feathers along the back of the neck - a feather pc meant for a mask that I cut in half, also at Micheals. Then I just started adding layers of tissue paper, lace, tulle & netting from a vegetable bag! The final touches were the Tim Holtz "31" placard, the wings on her back & the Raven on her shoulder!
Mom & Kim's weren't done yet, so I will post theirs when they finish them! What fun!!
I have a cool Halloween project that I'll be posting on the Altered Pages Blog next Tuesday, so be sure to stop by there & check it out!
That's it for tonight!


littlethings1 said...

You were busy ! Your manaquin turned out wonderful! Glad you got a day to yourself to create, hope you get to "play" with your Gelli plate soon, it is amazing !

Kelli said...

She is quite beautiful! I have several of these just sitting around waiting for me to do something with!! So much inspiration I believe I will have to get some out and play!!!!!

Jean M said...

Fantastic! I saw the ones at CHA and they were incredible. Your's is every bit as good!