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Friday, August 10, 2012

FINALLY! I'm Gelli-n!!

What an awesome day!! First though, I have to apologize for the photo quality...the lighting was not so great at my moms dining room table! But hopefully you will get the gist of the fun we had!!
a table full of fun!
My mom, sister & I played with the Gelli Arts Printing Plate ALL day long {available here, at Altered Pages}!!! OMG! You have to get one of these things! It's so much fun & so very cool & versital!
We tried it the Gelli Arts Way, painting layers upon layers with texture in between...
I learned that you need to start with your darkest layer first, DUH! green was on the bottom & it barley shows through the other 2 layers!
 for this one, I just blobbed paint {very technical here!} onto the plate & placed my paper over it without brayering! It looked like an inkblot! Then I layered more green & yellow with the brayer onto the plate & then stamped a butterfly in black paint. It didn't quite work out, but kinda cool!
my little village?
mom's spooky house
 These two, my mom & I placed the paint where we wanted it, then stamped a Claudine Hellmuth foam house stamp into the top layer of paint. I like mom's on the bottom - kinda spooky!
pink bunnies & teeth?
 These two, I played with some pinks...didn't quite get the paint spread around on the top one, but still the pattern is fun. What do you see in the picture? I see a long pink bunny!
used a "funny brush" for the weird texture
 Below, is one of Kim's pages...very cool print where she layered light pink over a slightly textured blue & then stamped the image of the girl into the pink - all on a jumbo playing card! It's great to see that a very detailed stamp works in paint too!
Kim's girl card

had to try some poppies!
 Above, I layered black & red & stamped a Stampin' Up Poppy image into it. Below, mom layered & textured & masked some birdies. Then when dry, she added a text stamp {text prints in reverse on the Gelli!} here & there & then outlined the birds! Awesome mix!
Then, we tried another technique I saw on Youtube, where you place a dab of 3 colors on the plate in various places & then brayer it around & texture before placing your paper down. I have to say, this is the one we did the most of...
 Above, my first's below...
 Getting more interesting as I layered 3 colors, used a dot roller & a bird mask...
funky & cool, right?
 Blended the colors a little more on the next & then stamped with a giant butterfly!

Maggie had to play too...
a peel from one of my print

Just look at her awesome colors & placement of that feather stamp! Sometimes I can't believe she's only 6!!!
On this one, I did my 3 colors, then brayered an awesome grafitti stencil from The Crafter's Workshop; layered some bubble wrap over that & finally another circle stencil from Mr. Huey's. Not as much color as I wanted, but still very cool!
This is one of my favorites...I simply brayered a denim blue with white; added a little black to the balloon stamp & plopped it down. It's very dreamy to me!

So, things I learned about the Gelli...
1. It doesn't take a lot of paint, but may take more than you think! Some of my prints were kinda "dry" & others's definitely a "Goldielocks Moment," to quote Julie Fei-Fan Balzar!
2. Don't waste your money on heavy, art papers until you are comfortable with your results! We started off with a 140lb mixed media paper, but switched to book pages & 65lb cardstock since we were just experimenting.
3. Stock up on good baby wipes! We went through an entire box today!! Between cleaning the Gelli & the!
4. Keep a tray of wet water near by to throw your stencils & unmounted stamps into until you are ready to clean them! Otherwise the paint dries & it's hard to clean off!
5. Have fun & just let whatever happens, happen!

Remember, there are no mistakes! Just ART!


Ingrid Vient said...

Wow! You guys did good! I never thought of using detailed stamps and I like what you did with them. Gelli printing is like potato chips - you can't just do one! Now you having a bunch of backgrounds to use and cut up. Yeah!

littlethings1 said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun , a creative family for sure ! Love all of your "prints".you have a great start for many art projects !

Sandra L. said...

I just bought a Gelli the other day, and have yet to try it out. I'm a little nervous, I guess.

I read on their blog that Staples makes a good cardstock that works pretty well, too!

Thanks for sharing your art!

Jean M said...

Isn't it fantastic? I LOVE my GEllI. I can be so very creative.
Your's area all wonderful, I love MOM's sppoky house too and Kim's card is fantastic.

Jean M said...

IT can be so very creative - durrr