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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crazy Art Fun!

This week is the start of some CRAZY ART FUN for me!!
Yesterday, I started an online workshop that I won from Christy Tomlinson of Scarlet Lime & SheART fame! The class is called The Art of Wild Abadonment taught by the very talented Junelle Jacobson.
Let me tell you! I had forgotten how much fun it is to sketch & to let go of perfection!!
We started off sketching RADISHES of all things!
But Junelle challenged us to see them from different angles & play with the light. 
{my sketches are NOT pretty, guys!}
See that one along the right side of the picture above? With the split up the middle?...Maggie immediately said it looked like someones bum & then I couldn't get that outta my head while I sketched it!! {leave it to a 6 yr old to see that right away!!} Kinda challenging when we got to the next step! {see 3rd pic}
Then she had us do thumbnail sketches picturing the radishes in different ways...using our imaginations this time!
The love radish & the birdie are the split-bum radish!
I have to say, this was kinda hard at first. Trying to think of clever ways a radish can be "used." You can see that I had a little Indian theme going on in a couple sketches & the "bum" radish turned out to be my favorite to play with. I may just have to sketch with that one a little more this week!
After that, the REAL fun began!
I have to say that "I am NOW HOOKED on Neocolor II Wax Pastels!"
 {think, "watercolor crayons!} 
We used these awesome crayons to fill our sketches with color! They're wonderful! You just fill in a little bit of color here & there & let the water do the rest!!!
{we were only supposed to do a few, but I couldn't stop! Now my sketch pad's a little warped! LOL!}
Here are a couple close-ups of my favorite thumbnails...
Radish Love

The Radish Can Can

Radish Birdie
My little Magpie has been home sick with me the last two days & she just couldn't resist getting in on the fun too...
Maggie's Dancing Radishes
You can't really see it, but the 3 tiny radishes dancing above the boom box say "La T Da" in them! I just LOVE that girl!!!
 This afternoon, we worked on a few more sketching exercises {like the above cupcakes}. Junelle gave us a word {place} & we did some thumbnails of what we saw as representative to that word. {home, travel, journey, family, etc.} Then she expanded on one of her sketches of circles {as relationships for her} into these awesome owls! This is only part 1!!
I'll pick up on the rest of this part later & do some more filling in, but both Maggie & I need a little artistic break! We've been at it since yesterday afternoon!
I told you it was CRAZY ART FUN!!

So, in addition to taking the online workshop this week & doing some more projects for Altered Pages, I am super excited to be taking a 6 week collage course at our local Students Art League this Saturday!!! I am so ready to learn some new techniques in collage & mixed media so that I can grow my art even more!!!

That's it for today!
I'll check in with you if I have a minute this week to share!

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Love to see people grow! Good for YOU. xo Jean