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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Visualize it!

I had such a nice morning that I wanted to share it with you!

I spent a couple of hours chatting with my friend Nancy Glass over coffee. I met Nancy through mom & Kim when they met her last fall at Hobby Lobby - just a random meeting of like minds! We all got together a couple of times last year to talk about our respective businesses & selling on Etsy. I instantly loved this woman & didn't even notice the 20 year difference in our ages!!!

(She sells beautiful cards like this one on Etsy, as well as doing floral arrangements, scarves & more!!) 

But when the holiday season hit - from October to January, it was hard to find the time to get together!
So we finally found some time today!

We chatted non-stop for those 2 hours about everything from exes to Etsy to jobs & our latest passions! It's always nice to visit with like-minded souls! She commented on how nice it is too & that there's just a great energy that hovers around creative people! She's SO right! If I wake up in a funk, my mood can totally turn around after being with my creative friends & family! (Which it kinda did today because I awoke with a terrible sinus headache that didn't feel like it was going anywhere! But after a couple hours with Nancy, it was GONE!!)

Today, Nancy made me feel so good about myself & my art & all the crazy things I have going on in my head that I want to do with my art!! (I hope I made her feel that special too!!) We were talking about where we'd like our art to take us & I told her that one of my hopes is to be published some day. So, besides asking me what was stopping me, she said,

 "Write it down. 
Write it down & put it on your computer screen where you will see it everyday. 
Visualize it & it will happen!

 Then she laughed & said that that was how she got her husband!!
HA! Really! 
She had made herself a list years ago of the things she wanted to accomplish & for some reason she left off anything about staying single for a while & a few weeks later, she met a wonderful man!
She is a beautiful, wonderful lady & I am so happy to have her in my life!!

So, that is what I am going to do! I am going to get out my sketchbook & play with some lettering - might as well make it pretty if I am going to look at it everyday, right?!! Damn straight!
Hopefully visualizing this little dream of mine will give me the push I need to submit some of my work to various magazines or shows or whatever my little heart desires!

I challenge you to do the same!
What is it that you have always wanted to do but haven't had the nerve?
Maybe it's simple like my dream of being published. 
Or maybe it's something you want to change about yourself.
Maybe it's a trip or something you need to save for.
Write it down.
Post a picture.
Visualize it!

I promise to check back in with you all & let you know if I accomplished my goal!
I hope that you will do the same!!

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littlethings1 said...

You all had a great time ! I need to make more lists I guess !!! I have actually started to spend more time drawing lately , something I love doing , but have put on the back burner !