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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Art of Wild Abadonment - Week 1 pix

I just wanted to pop in here & share the photos from my first week of art journalling with Junelle Jacobson & Christy Tomlinson's "Art of Wild Abadonment" online workshop...I am a week behind due to a life-crazy week last week! 
But I am quickly catching up!!
I am just LOVING this class & know that I will be signing up for more as the budget allows!!
 we started by sketching radishes...

 then imagining the radishes in different forms...
then Junelle introduced us to Neocolor II Wax Pastels...LOVE THOSE THINGS!!!
 sketching the cupcakes in our heads
 circles that we turned into owls...i wasn't crazy about the above try, so i did it again...
 my painted cupcakes...
 after our cupcakes, she had us imagine a Spring gift arriving at our door. this pea pod was her inspiration & i just went with it. {the quote is mine though}

 then we did a laundry line of our "Spring Line-up"

lastly, Christy posts videos on Wednesdays of her own work during the workshop {she's following right along with us!}. She inspired me to sketch a picture from a magazine & i did the one one below while dad was in the hospital getting a stint put in his "widow maker" artery!
I just have to figure out how i am going to color it in!

On top of this wonderful class, I am taking a collage class at the Art Students League of Denver. We haven't produced anything tangible yet, but I think we get to play with transfers this Saturday!!

I'll post some more later this week from the workshop! It's so much fun that I don't want to leave my studio!!

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