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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Maggie's Big Day!

(Nothing artsy-fartsy to report - been busy with life! 
But stay tuned for some Altered Pages posts next week!!) 
It really DOES go by SO fast!!
It seems like just yesterday she was so tiny in my arms & now I struggle to pick her up!!!
 She had one heck of a weekend celebration in honor of her BIG 6 years!!
Saturday evening, we went up into the mountains to have dinner with Nick's brothers & families. So Maggie got an early celebration that night!
Then the REAL celebrating began Sunday morning as she opened her presents from us & our family here in Denver...
In the first photo Maggie was super excited to open the "big one," & said 
"Is this a REAL karaoke machine??" 
Auntie Kim gave her some apropos PJ's stating: 
"My Favorite Color is GLITTER!" 
Of course, some games & toys from Grandma & Grandpa too!
And, the morning wouldn't have been complete without a little performance on the new machine!! 
She's a ROCK STAR!!
Isn't she cute?! I certainly think so!!!
(Yes, that is lipstick she found to put on! Really! She's only 6!! Am I in trouble or WHAT?!?!)
And she simply adores her Auntie Kim!!
After lunch, we hopped in the car & headed east for a surprise "makeover" for Mags at Sweet & Sassy!! What an ADORABLE salon JUST for girls!! It was a great way to celebrate being a girl!! (Afterward, we walked over to Bliss Cupcakes for a yummy treat!)
First she made some sparkly body "lotion" & some cotton candy flavored lip gloss. Then, she had her nails painted; her hair done up in braids & curled; a light touch of makeup & to finish it all off, a little glitter & a feather boa! (Oh! I almost forgot about the "cupcake" scent she chose too!) What a hoot!!
Later that evening, we had Maggie's BF & family over for dinner & cake...
More FABULOUS art supplies...maybe now she'll stay out of my studio (for a while!)
I LOVE that Pauline is blowing in the background too!!
 Even though we had a little cake, I couldn't resist picking up these cool Sponge Bob Cupcakes for the kiddos...Those are Sponge Bob RINGS!!!
It warmed my heart to hear Maggie's tired voice at the end of the day telling me,
"This was the BEST birthday EVER, mom!!"

I LOVE that little girl! I wish I could keep her in my pocket forever!!!
XOXOX Maggie!!!


Jean M said...

what a personality! I'm sure she is a charmer, just like Mom and Aunt Kim! What a cutie pie!

Noelle Reese said...

How fun! HAPPY Birthday Maggie!!!

Jen said...

Wow! What a super fun birthday! I've wished they has those salons around when we were girls. Just doesn't sound the same as going to the salon I go to. Cupcake scent! That's just too cool!
Thanks for popping over to my blog. I loved your comment!