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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crafty Wednesday!

I just wanted to hop on really quick & give you a peek at what I've been working on for the last couple of days as well as some picts of the work I did in our ENCAUSTICS class tonight! (I apologize for the lighting quality on the pics - much better light during the day in my studio, but I just couldn't WAIT to SHARE!!)

Here's a couple of fun decor pieces & some cards I've done for the craft fair in November...
Angel Christmas Decoration

StEaMpUnK wall hanging - did the digital collage myself!! Getting better at PSE!
Christmas cards...some are in sets too!
Just a fun Bird Card
Bird note cards
Song Bird Card
Flower card
(The bird & flower paper used above is from this FANTASTIC paper pad from DCWV featuring artist Donna Estabrooks! I am totally in love with it & it just makes me WANT to PAINT!! Soon, VERY soon!!)
Now for the ENCAUSTICS class! We (mom & I) decided to treat Kim to this class at our local community college for her birthday! It was soooooo much fun & the teacher, Camille Scott, was FABULOUS!! We went into the class not knowing a lot about encaustics - pretty much had only seen work where the artist had covered their painting or collage in clearish wax. This was a whole different thing!!!
Just a few of what I made tonight
Camille showed us how to play the wax around on the paper with the iron & stylus tool. She had some amazing landscapes that were all done in WAX!! It was totally cool & we can't wait to go back next week for the 2nd class when she's going to teach how to emboss, use alcohol inks with the wax & more!!
What do you see?

for the Magpie!

On foam core!

kinda Christmasie?

What do you see here?

Trees made with lots of was in the stylus - 3 dimensional!
That's it for tonight! Can't wait to share some more with you (& hopefully better photos!!)


Stacey said...

Sad to have missed out on the awesome class with all you lovely ladies! These artistic creations are fabulous! So glad I got to see them....let's create together soon!! xo. stacey

sara said...

love the encaustics! craft fair? colorado? can you give me more info? i'm a colorado girl, but can't seem to find a place online to search for crafty fairs/festivals, etc. and i'm sorta newish to the scene, so i'm excited to hear that there's one coming up! thank you so much! :)