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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Enjoying Fall in Colorado - Heavy on the Picts!

I am sooooo enjoying the Fall weather here in Colorado! This is my favorite time of year - when the leaves change & the air turns crisp! It's that time when I pull out what little Halloween & Fall decor I have to decorate the house (when I find the time!). It is also one of the best times to get out & take pictures!!!

On Saturday, we three headed over to a Historic park here in Denver - Four Mile, where they were having a Pumpkin Harvest Festival. It was great fun to ride the old wagons & wander around the "pioneer" town with volunteers dressed up in costumes of the era.
Maggie with one of the scarecrows
They had an area where you could make a scarecrow ($15!) but the hubster didn't want all that hay in his car! (Definitely doing one next year!) So we headed off to find the horses & the wagon rides...
Covered Wagon
 We road in the covered wagon & even just riding for the 1/2 mile circle around the park, I just couldn't imagine crossing the US in something like this! Imagine how LONG it must have taken them to get from city to city!! Not to mention the dust, weather, dangers & the discomfort inside on hard benches!! I think I'm a fan of the Industrial Age when all the new-fangled stuff was being invented!! :D
Nibbling on the fence!
An old, very well preserved Stage Coach
And of course, I had to get a few artsy-fartsy shots too!
Just some more general ones around the park...
The old homestead, turned Stage stop - built in 1859

I can't pass by such beautiful door without a photo!
 We held off on the pumpkins because if I buy them this early, the squirrels eat them before we get a chance to carve them!!
Then on Sunday, we (the 3 of us plus Grandma!) jumped into the van & headed west to see some of the fall color. Colorado is so pretty this time of year & hundreds of people head up into the mountains & stop wherever they can to take pictures! It's a little insane! We stopped a few times, but really just enjoyed the drive!
We found a little picnic spot along the way where Maggie was kind enough to pose for me! She's such a HAM!!
Just chillin'

The 3 of us
That's it for today!
I plan on getting some projects up for you tomorrow that I just finished & a few cards from Kim that will be up on Etsy today (hopefully!). 
We have decided to do a Holiday craft fair this year at my nephew's high school. It will be our first one, so if you have any pointers, PLEASE SHARE!! So now we are all going to be super busy making some new things for that!!
The hubby likes to take my pic a little too close for comfort!! Makes me feel old!


Hillary Courson said...

Loving your blog! Could the trees be any more gorgeous? Our leaves don't 'fall' until February around here-when the new growth forces the old leaves off! Your family pic is wonderful and so is your close-up! You're lovely. Hugs from your TCC Florida connection! Come see me!


Lynn Stevens said...

That looks like the Best day ever!
Gorgeous photos and from what I could tell perfect weather too. Enjoy the fall season. TFS
hugs Lynn