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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Volcanoes, Chameleons & one AMAZING Hamburger! Upcountry Part 1 {HEAVY pix}

Here I am again - sorry no art to post since I am the only blogger of the three of us these days! {Mom swears she will pick it up after the new year!! So, then you will have another "voice"}
For now, you are stuck with me on vacation still in Maui for a few more days...
The 3 of us at the Summit - 1 of many Observatories in the background
We had another fun day yesterday driving up to Haleakala - Maui's dormant volcano. It's a long, windy drive, but very cool if you get lucky enough to have clear skies...we had bits & pieces of sunshine up there...
a glimpse down into the crater

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 These cool looking plants are called Silverswords & they only bloom once in their lifetime (up to 50 yrs!) & then die! We have never seen one in full bloom but they are really beautiful!
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That's about all we captured up top, because it was too misty!
Now, off to Ulupalakua Ranch just down the hill a bit...
This is one of our favorite places to stop when we go Upcountry on Maui! They make THE BEST hamburger on the island & use their own grass fed beef! YUMMMM! {Sorry, I was too busy eating the burger that I forgot to take a photo of it!} The little store used to be the PO for the area & they have some fun souvineirs & a few vintage memorbila around the store:
A piece of the old boxes

The PO's old safe!
Outside, they have a few fun statues & apparantly, Maggie had a bone to pick with this Paniolo {Hawaiian for "Cowboy"} after lunch...It could've gotten really ugly, but he backed down! Phew!
Sort of attached to the ranch is Maui's only winery...Tedeschi Winery, which we admittedly tasted many moons ago & haven't tried it again!
But, we will always take a stroll through their AMAZING grounds!
The whole area is filled with GIANT & OLD trees! From Euclyptus to Camphor to Maui's unique Pines! It's just gorgeous & a little humbling...
The Crooked Pine
 We LOVE these pines - they are super tall & have beautiful needles! Wish we could bring one home for Christmas! {Kinda makes me think of the Grinch!}
Maggie at the base of a giant

The top of that giant!
Nick & Maggie at the base of ONE Camphor tree!
Cool little "house" on the grounds
We also met a little immigrant from Africa who arrived on Maui in the 1970's...
Meet "Jackson" the Jackson Chameleon! This little fella was trying to climb his way up a rather smooth giant tree while I snapped these photos.

He lost his footing & dropped about 3ft- ended up with dirt on his horn.

Nick, always thinking of the little guys, found a stick when Jackson fell again, got him onto it & gently carried him over to a less-smooth tree where he quickly climbed away from us!

Next, we left the winery's grounds to see the baby goat across the road...and one ONE-Horned, WACKADOODLE-looking goat!
A Cute KID!
I think there's something SERIOUSLY wrong with this guy!
And, of course, I had to take a few photos of the office building with the  COOL red door as well as a few flowers!


Maui Orchids
Pretty purple flowering bush!
And, I leave you with this sign...
It pays to be a Paniolo on Maui!

Stay tuned for some more Maui fun!!

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