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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More fun in Maui than Denver! (Heavy pix)

We are having such a nice visit in Maui right now while my poor sister is recouperating from another foot surgery & all of Denver {including mom & family} is covered in snow & ice!
Hence the big HA at the end of my Aloooooo!
Sorry, I love you guys, but SOOOOO very happy we are here & not there! AND, it makes our visit all that much better knowing it wasn't a balmy 60 degrees in Denver while we're gone!

 The day before yesterday, we spent the morning at Big Beach {for the postcard shot, click on the link!} in South Makena. This is one of the largest beaches on Maui & has a reputation for GIGANTIC waves.
AND, this day was no exception! We DID NOT get in the water past our knees, cuz that would have just been plain craziness!! 
But we did get some great pix & Maggie had fun playing in the sand...
Waves just kept rolling in...

 A day at the beach is never complete without a little burying in the sand!
{I wouldn't let her go past her knees since there was NO way we were swimming to rinse all that sand off!!}
Ready to take on the waves!
 Nick so graciously went down to the edge with her so that I could stop worrying for all of 10 seconds about her!! ;D

Her "Power Stance"
Boarders on a HUGE wave in front & left of us...
 There were some serious Boogie Boarders near us...just about the only fools in the water that day!
This guy was really good...
That's him again, flipping over the waves!
and this was going on to our right - there are boarders in there!
Run! Maggie, RUN!
 We enjoyed watching {me biting my nails} Mags play at the waters edge from the comfort of our beach chairs!

Just watching here!
We left after a little while with all our limbs attached & no salt water inhaled! ;D

Check back tomorrow when I will post our day of Volcanoes, Giant Trees, Goats, Chameleons & Sunsets, OH MY!

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