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Monday, December 12, 2011

Part 2 - Maui Sunsets & a sneek peek! {HEAVY PICS}

Sorry this is late...I didn't have time to post before we left Maui & have been running CRAZY since we got back mid-day last Friday!

So, the rest of the trip was pretty much the same as every other day: wake up around 6:30/7, go for a run/walk, eat breakfast, head to the beach, eat lunch, head to the pool, nap, got to dinner, relax in the condo, bedtime & then get up & do it all over again!
That's what vacations should be like, right?
We've been to Maui so many times, that we just don't mess with the touristy stuff anymore. I am sure we will do a little more of it as Maggie gets older & can appreciate the beauty here more. But for now, we are happy to just do what she'd like to do.
{Although, we are thinking of trading into a condo on Kuai next year. We'll see - any tips of where to stay there would be greatly appreciated!!}

Anyway, here are the wonderful SUNSET picts Nick took on one of our last evenings...definitely got a Christmas card outta these!!
{Now, if I could just find a minute to whip them up!!}
And a few of Maggie just playing around on the beach in the late afternoon sun.

I remember playing in the sand & surf like that as a kid! Oh, the joys of not really caring "where the sand gets stuck" as long as you're having a good time!!
Being silly along the surf

just watching...

Me & Mags...

Jumping the waves!

more watching...

It doesn't get any better than that!!!
I LOVE this pic & it's probably the one that will end up on our card this year - sorry to spoil it!
Here's just a few more from our very last day at our favorite beach - Keawakapu...We "inherited" a boogie board from other guests at our resort, so Maggie was anxious to try that out.
{Unfortunately, I chose this day to NOT bring my camera & took some very poor videos with my iPhone, so I don't have any to share darn-it!!} But she loved it! One step closer to snorkeling for next year - if she can handle the waves & salt water taste in her mouth after some mild boogie boarding then we will have even more fun in the ocean next time!!
Gotta get those waves!
Seeing if the waves are good for "boogying!" (Not if you're serious about it!)
My "svelt" hubby!
 For those of you who know Nick - He's been training for his big climb in Ecuador in a couple of weeks & it's really paying off! I love that guy no matter what, but it sure is nice to see him in such awesome shape! {Now it's my turn to get my A*# back in shape!!}
Is that a Rock Star I see?

"Huh, the ocean keeps filling up my hole in the sand!"

Almost a full moon on our last evening.
That's it for the Maui stuff! We had a lovely, low-key trip that went by WAY too fast!!
Stand-by for some INCREDIBLE pictures {content more than quality!} from one of mom's good friends' home! We were lucky enough to be invited to her Holiday Open House! Her house is GORGEOUS every day, but OMG!!! When it's done up for Christmas it is like something out of a MAGAZINE!! Here's a sneek...

Almost EVERY horizontal surface was covered with a collection of some kind! Amazing!
I am going to send photos over her studio {she quilts, rug hooks, stitches & scraps!!} to Jo Packham at Where Women Create because she NEEDS to get this woman in her magazine!!
Anyway, I will try to post more photos of her gathering this the meantime, a little piece of artwork from me...not a great photo, but I made our hostess this little angel for a hostess gift...
I bought these wonderful ceramic doll heads at an Operation Re-Scrap event! It was a box of ethnic girls for a bargain price! So, I smashed her shoulders & bun off to give her that "broken-Charlotte" look; painted her a metallic champagne color; attached her to a glass ball that I glittered with GGSS German Glass glitter; attached the halo & wings & a piece of vintage seam binding for the hanger! She LOVED it!

ART group tomorrow! YEAH!!!

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