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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Greetings from Maui...


I keep hearing, "It must be terrible to be in Maui!" from all my friends!
But we weren't quite sure we would make it this week!

Tuesday, Maggie awoke not feeling great with a low fever but wanted to go to school & I admit it, I let her go partly for selfish reasons - I had a ton of things to do before we left on Thursday! She made it through the day until drawing class after school & then came home with a HIGH fever!
{Boy, did I feel like a terrible mom!!}
Needless to say, she stayed home the next day with the same fever & no other complaints.

We left Denver on Thursday with our Mags not feeling great – fever off & on. AND Nick was getting some sort of laryngitis so he couldn’t talk much. ME, fine, but a "this trip is not getting a great start" feeling in my gut from the get-go!

We boarded our flight & left the gate on time {9am} in a slight snowstorm
 {blowing snow, but not much accumulation} & then we spent over an hour in de-icing. We get into San Jose & to our gate with only 15 minutes to spare, the plane still at the gate & they had already closed the doors & given our seats away! {ask me someday WHY we DON'T like United & this story will be included! We ALWAYS have issues when we fly with them!!}

So, United shuttled us up to San Francisco {in a circa 1982 Chevy van full of creaks & groans} to board a flight at 4pm to Honolulu {that had been delayed from a cracked windshield earlier that morning - so no guarantee that it would be leaving later either!} & then make a connection on Hawaiian Airlines to Maui 20 minutes after we land in Honolulu! Well, we made the flight only to learn that United had automatically booked all the connections for the later flight with Hawaiian {even though WE had already made our booking on that earlier flight}! Luckily the ticket guy let us on board when we arrived at the gate. Otherwise we'd have been waiting another 1 1/2 hours for the last flight out to Maui!
We landed shortly after 9, our luggage didn't. So, we had a choice, let Hawaiian deliver it SOMETIME the next morning or wait another hour for the last flight to come in & see if our bags were loaded on that one.
{We figured that they automatically put it on the later flight with everyone else - no reason to actually CHECK the luggage tags!}
So, we ended up hanging around the airport until that last flight arrived anyway to see if it our bags were there...& they were! Phew!
It was an epic day & Maggie was a trooper – w/her temp up & down all day & having to run from gate to gate! She was sooooo tired she could barely make to the car!
view from our lanai
Yesterday, we took it easy at the pool for a little while hoping Maggie's fever would finally come down. She's was a bit of a stinker all day & very tired - 2 naps & ready to fall asleep at dinner by 7pm here!
This morning, I started to freak out because I noticed some spots on her chest & tummy & I immediately thought "CRAP! Chicken Pox!!"
But it doesn't seem to be itching & it's already clearing up.
Just a virus with her fever I guess!
Today she was back to normal, albeit still not eating great & definitely testing her limits with us!
But it was a pretty good day - a run for me in the morning, beach time after breakfast, naps in between coloring, dancing & games. Then an early dinner & yes, a meltdown - hers, not mine.
So, it's 7:30 & we (nick & me) are relegated to our room to watch tv while she melts down into sleep.
Ahhhhh, gotta love 5 yr olds!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring...

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Tina said...

well my friend, have a wonderful time! Hula much, eat lots, shake your shaka, holler mahalo! Enjoy every moment. Can't wait to hear all about it! (You lucky dog)