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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Icy Ornament

Hi all! Becky here again...
This is a continuation of a post for Die Cut Diva today. I wanted to detail a little more about how I made this great ornament just in case some of you wanted to give it a go with your own photos!

Here's a list of supplies needed:

1 Pyramid Box from Creative Cuts & More in the color of your choice
1 Photo, blown up to 12x12 (can do at Costco for $2.99)
Tracing paper
1 Sheet Adhesive Metal sheets by QuicKutz
1 8.5x11 any white cardstock (to adhere to tin sheet)
1 Bell in silver (or use a silver paint to change a brass one)
Stickles in clear or Ice
String - I used a silver metallic from my stash
Tape runner & Killer Red Tacky Tape

First thing I did was trace the triangle shapes of the pyramid (without the tabs used to close it all up) 4X & cut them out. You can do this by laying the tracing paper on top of the pyramid & following the scored lines. Then I laid them out (inverted like the finished ornament) on the photo until I achieved a cohesive image (I started with the center of my tree along the seem of 2 triangles together). *Remember, if you simply trace the whole pyramid box onto your photo, you will end up with a choppy, picture-collage on the pyramid with some of the photo being upside down! Could be fun too!

Then I took the actual box & folded the score lines inside-out on one triangle so that my pen lines from tracing onto the photo didn't show on the cream when folded the right way round later.
If you want to fold the photo over the top like I did you will need to flip the triangles up to continue the lines above, the traced image should look sort of like a diamond for each section. 

I didn't trim the top triangles until I had tested the rest on the box. I did that by using a little removable tape runner on the photos & placing them on the pyramid. Once I knew it all worked, I cut a 3x3 inch square (the size of the top) out of a scrap of paper & then cut that again in 4ths diagonally to get the 4 smaller triangles that make up the top. Traced that onto the upper triangle on my photo & trimmed. This will give you an inverted large triangle on the bottom like the pyramid box, with a smaller triangle above it.

I scored the photo triangles along the top edge, used my tape runner & went to town putting it all on the pyramid. *Note, the pyramid is still NOT put together yet, but completely flat as I adhere the picture triangles.

After the photos were on, I added some Ice Stickles here & there to give the icy, 3D effect (see above).

While the Stickles were drying, I painted a brass bell with a Silver Paint Dauber & threaded in on the silver string when it was dry. Then I took a sheet of the adhesive metal by QuicKutz & attached it to some white cardstock. I cut out 4 different sized flowers (x3 each), punched a hole in the center & threaded them onto the string alternating white & silver to string with the bell already attached & set that aside.

Once the photo Stickles were all dry, I punched a hole in the center of the top for my brad & thread, & then I used the Killer Red Tacky Tape to put the box together! I used a large needle to thread the flowers & bell through the bottom point.

That's it! I hope it all makes sense! Be sure to leave a comment if you need more info!!
Thanks for stopping by!


Noelle Reese said...

Awesome! I love it! I'm not sure I can live without the martini picture of the three of you LOL

mylaughingmagpie said...

Oh, it might make a reappearance some day!