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Sunday, April 8, 2012


As most of know, I have taking a class at the Art Student's League of Denver on collage. 
Last week, our teacher {Jo Fitsell} asked us to bring in a couple of pieces we'd been working on...these first 2 I finished for class, which were inspired by some images I saw in some old Somerset Apprentice magazines.
Count Your Eggs
In Which Becky Revisits Her Ancestors (Vanity Fair book page)
For the canvas below, I started playing around with some bright colors on the background & then layered on top with a couple of images & an mono-print we did in class. It's not finished...we decided that it looks like it wants to fall to the left, so I need to soften that angled edge a little bit. Jo liked this one the best & I think it's because I had no visual inspiration - just the crazy stuff in my head! I guess that's what makes it more free to interpretation.
Also during the class, she gave a few of us some challenges. She met with me & told me to take her camera & go around the block & take pics of the spaces between the houses, focusing on perspective. When I did this, it was hard for me not to focus on the angles & lines in the architecture. The images she like best were the ones that I took that were not straight on, but seeing a different perspective of the alley looking through a tree or a vine growing haphazard up a wall. She says that I tend to see things straight on. Which is funny to me, since I feel that when I am out with my camera, I like to change the angle of things, but I guess I tend to do that with my camera & not my body. {Meaning, I still stand in one place & just move the camera here & there instead of squatting or something.}

We had a little time to play while Jo was meeting with us about our work & the direction we were going, so I threw this last one together then...
Who R U?
She also brought in her computer & asked if a few of us would like to take a personality test - the Enneagram, Rheti test with 9 personality types {In order 1-9: Reformer, Helper, Achiever, Individualist, Investigator, Loyalist, Enthusiast, Challenger & Peacemaker}. 
After answering a series of questions, the model scores you up to 8 points in all the types; the higher being your strongest. 
I scored a 7 in the Helper Type:
 While I feel this answer is fairly true, I felt that I was a closer mix to the two types that I scored 5's in:

It's very interesting to read these summaries & then apply them to your art as well as your life. I may have to take it again & see if I score the same! I spoke with her a little bit about my art & life, told her that I am definitely feeling a little lost lately in both areas. She said that she was glad I am taking this class - in the hopes that I might find a little of myself along the way! ;)

I leave you today with a little photo of Maggie from hunting eggs this morning...

The house Grandma Pat sent (Nick's mom)
We are off to have dinner with family this afternoon, so I had better get baking done!
Have a wonderful day!

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littlethings1 said...

Your Maggie is adorable !!!!
Your class has to be a lot of fun & a challenge at the same time ! You have been working hard !!!!
Kudos to you !!!