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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Art Journal Picts from Class!

Thought I'd put up a couple of things I've been working on from the 2nd week of the "Art of Wild Abandonment" class...
What We Bring
This was such a fun page of painting & paper piecing! This page is about "what we bring" & I decided to "journal" about upcoming road-trips this summer. I think I need to add a camera in there somewhere! I wish I had the license on these cute girls we did in this class {they belong to the talented Christy Tomlinson} because I could make a MILLION of them! So much fun! I enjoyed this one so much that I made one for Maggie too...
i make my own magic
I like how hers all blends together & the colors are SO her!!
Next we worked on playing with layers by painting on parchment paper!
Poppies I
This was my first attempt that I wasn't too crazy about. We painted a piece of parchment paper {the kind you use in baking} & cut out the flower petals when it was dry. I should have stuck with Junelle's pretty echinacea flowers because the poppies were hard to assemble once the petals were cut out, but they are one of my favorite flowers!
So, I did it again. Only this time I painted the parchment, sketched my flowers on the back side & cut out the entire flower. It doesn't have quite as much dimension, but I like it better! {I even had a friend ask me how much I'd sell it for! HA! I told her we'd talk! ;)}
Poppies II
In the class video, Junelle uses this AWESOME tissue paper with French words in all kinds of text printed on it {from 7 Gypsies' "Metro" collection} to form her vases. Since I didn't have any of that, I made my own using a technique a girl from my ASLD collage class told me about...Cut a piece of tissue paper to fit a piece of computer paper. Glue down the edges to keep from catching in the printer. Let dry & run through the printer! Pretty simple, although my 2nd sheet did jam.
{{In between the flowers & the branches below, we did another layer page with some parchment, but I haven't finished it yet}} here are my Spring Branches...
Spring Branches
I don't think my tree trunk will support a spread like that, but I couldn't stop! ;) The leaves are various paper scraps & on the bottom right is a piece of plastic packaging {Tim Holtz placards} that I put some words in {Seeds=plant/grow/bloom}.
Today I spent ALL afternoon working on this canvas...
My Messy Nest
We were supposed to do it in our art journals, but I knew it was going to be too bulky because of all the found objects my Magpie had for her nest! So I did it on a 6x9 deep edge canvas. This was by far my most favorite project & can't wait to see what we're doing next!! Here's a couple close-ups of the nest & bird {which I traced off an image from the Web & painted in!}
My Magpie
the Nest
the Nest from above
So now I am almost caught up on Week 2 - I just have to watch the videos Christy did to see her spin on things! And Week 3 looks totally cool!

In my collage class on Saturday, we worked on all sorts of image transfers. I haven't had a minute to play with those this week, but I have to get to my "homework" tomorrow, so I will try to post some photos of that stuff later this week!

Have a wonderful evening!


Becky Potts said...
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Becky Potts said...

Becky, these are amazing! You are an incredible artist. I really enjoy checking in to see what you have been up to via your blog. Becky Potts

littlethings1 said...

Fun !!! Thanks for posting your talents , I love Christies "girls" too ! I took her first class ! Love all of your art !

clairesmillie said...

Oh my Becky! I ***adore*** this!!! Love your little magpie wit the paper in his mouth. This piece is just spilling out with texture. I love it! Thankyou so much for sharing :)