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Monday, January 23, 2012

Even Maggie gets into it!

I love that my daughter likes to craft!
She will come into my studio & start opening drawers & asking, "Can I have this...?" It's a pretty good way to de-stash, unless she reaches for something vintage or that I have a purpose in mind for!! Somethings are just too hard to give up!! LOL!!

One of the great things about using the collage sheets from Altered Pages, is that I can print as many as I want & share them with Maggie.
She really likes to collage & is becoming quite the mixed media artist!

Yesterday, we spent the day crafting with mom for a pre-birthday celebration - while we worked on a Christmas project (YES! I said Christmas project in January!!), Maggie made all sorts of fun items for mom's b-day! All with AP images of course!!

AP-1662 "A Visit to the Dollhouse" collage sheet
And, here's the canvas we did together...I tried to get her to collage some images on it too, but she had her own vision! (Wonder where she gets that from?)
She did a nice scene in the background with crayon (that's me, her & G-ma at the bottom); then we sprayed some various textures on it with fabric spray paints (a technique I learned from Traci Bautista last year at The Creative Connection).
Grandma was thrilled with it all!

I will share more photos from our Christmas project assembly & some "party" photos another day this week!
Off to get the Magpie from school!


AlteredPages Artsociates said...

Maggie is the BEST collage artist of Today! smooches to yooches
Jean M.

trisha too said...

She probably will not outgrow this, my dd is 17, and still prowls around the artroom. She does NOT, however, ask for permission, anymore!