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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Who Says You Can't Play with Barbies after 30?"

That's exactly what I heard my sister saying as we {ArT GrOuP} were playing with our barbies today! Mom was in charge of our project today & she drew her inspiration from an article in one of the Somerset Studios magazines...An Altered Barbie! Here is the inspiration she made for us:

Here are our muses:

This one's mine!
Here are some of the materials I decided to use to cover her body...
Here she is in progress...
Here's everybody's in progress...
Bonnie's Snow Fairy

Connie's Retro Fairy

Nancy's Funky Fairy

Stacey's Art Fairy
(I guess I didn't get mo & Kim's in-progress!)
Here are the finished fairies:

Mom's Witch
Kim's Bird Fairy

And finally, my Travel Fairy...

 My fairy is covered in torn pieces of a map {hopefully we never drive to New York since I tore it out of our atlas in the car! HA!}. I used a few magazine images & she has an Eiffel Tower sticker on her back. I used various metal charms, chain & things in her hair & along her arm. I even folded up a world map to stick in her hand!

As usual, we all had a blast making these & want to make more!! I already have one idea for another but it will have to wait until after the first of the year I think! It was a fun group & nice to have a break from working on stuff for the Holiday show!! Only THREE days away now!!!
Check back later when I will post some of Kim's new projects for sale! They are AWE-some!!! {in a sing-song voice!}

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Stampin D Amour said...

Really neat Altered Barbies! I like the details of different mixed medias that you used, fabulous! ;)