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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today was uber-busy for me!
After dropping Maggie off at school, I got busy photographing all the new kits for our Etsy & ArtFire shops! Yes! We are going to list a few things on ArtFire too & see which site works best for us!
I spent the day fanning papers, staging embellishments & hunching over the computer...

In addition to working on stuff for the biz, Kim & I got "sucked" into our respective computers for 3, (YES THREE) hours today! We were researching allllllllll the scrapbook retreats we could find across the country! We were trying to find one that striked our fancy for my 40th b-day in March! We found a few back east that looked really enticing, but then it hit us, "If we use miles for the flight & pay cash for the retreat, how can we afford to 'check' our supplies & luggage for the flight?!" Sooooo not worth the hassel! If only the local retreats weren't booked up! And we couldn't even get on to the Keepsake Inn's website in Manitou Springs! Which lead us to believe they have closed down! Back to square one on the 'ol b-day planning! *Sigh* Of course, if I hadn't spent so much time looking at all these wonderful places, I would have typed up this post hours ago & be "dreaming" of the perfect getaway right now! Instead, here I sit pecking away!!! {wink}

Anyway, here are just a few things I worked on...

Christmas Kits! These kits will be listed with a discount!

  Webster's Pages Christmas Kits!

Webster's Pages Embellishments in kits!
Diet Planner Kit!
More Domestic Goddess Kits!
Jenni Bowlin Mini-Papers Kit!
Webster's Pages Paris Papers & Exclusive Unity Stamp!
More Websters!
Fab kit embellishments!
 "Sweet as Cherry Pie" papers!
Made from Scratch Recipe Kit (Like the pages used in our first class!)
Unity Stamp Set!
Single, adorable Unity Stamps!

Lastly, these gorgeous nature cameos from Websters!
I hope to have everything up by the end of the day tomorrow!
So keep your eyes peeled!
As for now, I am going to "peel" my eyes from the computer & hit the sack!

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Rachel Carlson said...

looking good! you could easily do a retreat at someone's house. no boys allowed. MUCH cheaper that way!